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AMCA Introduction to Fan Energy Index (FEI) for Stand-Alone Fans (AMCA 208)
AMCA Introduction to Fan Energy Index (FEI) for Stand-Alone Fans (AMCA 208)

Developed by Air Movement and Control Association (AMCA) International, fan energy index (FEI) is an efficiency metric designed in part to drive significant and quantifiable energy savings through use in codes, utility rebate programs, and...

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AMCA Calculating Fan Energy Index (FEI) for Stand-Alone Fans (AMCA207)
AMCA Calculating Fan Energy Index (FEI) for Stand-Alone Fans (AMCA207)

Developed by Air Movement and Control Association (AMCA) International, fan energy index (FEI) is the ratio of the electrical power of a reference fan to the electrical power of an actual fan, both calculated at a given airflow and pressure...

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FSO150 Fan Power Law (FSO150)
FSO150 Fan Power Law (FSO150)

The fan power law defines the fundamental engineering relationship between four key indicators of fan performance: fan flow rate; fan static (or total) pressure, fan power, and fan static (or total) efficiency.

In this self-guided course,...

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FSO210 Psychrometrics for Fan Systems (FSO_210)
FSO210 Psychrometrics for Fan Systems (FSO_210)

Psychrometrics is the study of the properties of mixtures of air and water vapor. A general knowledge of psychrometrics is very useful in fan application engineering, mainly because the performance of the fan is directly related to the...

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FSO220 Fan Affinity Laws (FSO_220)
FSO220 Fan Affinity Laws (FSO_220)

The performance of a fan is defined by the flow, fan pressure, and power draw of the fan, at standard catalog test conditions. The fan affinity laws (also called the fan laws for short) are a set of inter-related equations that govern the...

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FSO221 Fan System Controls (FSO_221F)
FSO221 Fan System Controls (FSO_221F)
FSO 221 - Fan System Control

Analyzing and comparing techniques to control flow.

Learning objectives:

  • Define and discuss various flow-control techniques;
  • Compare and contrast flow-control techniques based on...
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FSO225 Advanced Affinity Laws (FSO_225)
FSO225 Advanced Affinity Laws (FSO_225)
Use of fan laws with varying compressibility factor, and calculating compressibility
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FSO250 Measuring Fan Systems (FSO_250)
FSO250 Measuring Fan Systems (FSO_250)
FSO 250 - Measuring Fan Systems

The procedures and processes required to accurately assess a fan.

Learning objectives:

  • Explain terms, concepts and equipment involved with measuring fan system...
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FSO305 Heat Recovery (FSO_305)
FSO305 Heat Recovery (FSO_305)

In many fan systems, the amount of electrical energy used to drive the motor is a small fraction of the thermal energy being carried by the air or gas. When this thermal energy is wasted, or dumped to atmosphere, it can represent a huge...

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MOT100 Introduction to AC Induction Motors (MOT100)
MOT100 Introduction to AC Induction Motors (MOT100)

The motor is a key part of any fan system. This short self-guided course examines critical characteristics of NEMA motors to give you a foundation of knowledge for applying motors in fan systems. It is also relevant for other applications,...

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