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AMCA100 Introduction to AC Induction Motors (AMCA100)


The motor is a key part of any fan system. This short self-guided course examines critical characteristics of NEMA motors to give you a foundation of knowledge for applying motors in fan, pump, and blower systems.

  • Includes pdf course notes that are handy for future reference, and make it easier for you to follow along, especially if English is not your first language
  • Includes IP - SI spreadsheet calculator for unit conversion
  • You can leave the course and the system will save your progress for when you come back, but you must finish within 30 days of enrolling
  • Explore or re-visit topics in the sequence you desire
  • Learning activities and quiz questions keep you engaged in the topics
  • SI units only
  • Allow at least 60 minutes in your schedule for completing this course
  • After passing the course, you can print a certificate of completion for your employer
  • Eligible for continuing education credits
  • For multi-person or multi-course discounts, email info@productiveenergy.com
  • AMCA100 Introduction to AC Induction Motors
  • Course evaluation survey (clone)
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed