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AMCA230 Fan System Controls 2019 (AMCA230)


At a given rotational speed and fan pressure, centrifugal fans will develop a constant volume of airflow. Due to uncertainties in the final layout and construction of the ductwork, combined with the prospect of critical or changing process needs, many fans are selected to deliver more pressure and flow than what the industrial process or air-conditioning system actually requires. Some sort of control must then be employed to reduce the airflow to the desired level.
In this self-guided course, you will explore common methods used for varying the flow capacity of the fan, such as speed control, outlet dampers, inlet dampers and inlet vane control. Your knowledge of these methods will allow you to accurately estimate and compare the power among the different methods. With this skill you can accurately predict the possible savings of changing to a more efficient method.

  • Includes pdf course notes that are handy for future reference, and make it easier for you to follow along, especially if English is not your first language
  • Explore or re-visit topics in the sequence you desire
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  • SI and IP units
  • Includes IP - SI spreadsheet calculator for unit conversion
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  • You can leave the course and the system will save your progress for when you come back, but you must finish within 30 days of enrolling. If circumstances prevent you from finishing on time you can request an extension at no additional charge.
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  • Eligible for continuing education credits
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  • Prerequisite: FSO 220 - Fan Affinity Laws
  • Content
    • Fan systems controls - 2019 UX
    • Course evaluation survey
    Completion rules
    • All units must be completed